Computer Cleanup

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Countless Issues, One Solution 

These days it’s easier than ever for your computer to get bogged down with viruses and malware, making it almost impossible use. Our team has been removing viruses and optimizing computers for over a decade. Each infected computer is meticulously scanned, cleaned up, and returned to you as quickly as possible. We guarantee your satisfaction. All Cleanups are backed by a 2 week warranty



Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

I appreciate being treated like intelligent person without computer knowledge. You listened to me and put the time and energy to really fix my machine. I have taken elsewhere and tried to speed it up on my own. You found and fixed the real problem. You answered my questions thoughtfully. I can’t sing your praises enough. Thanks Wired.

As a computer novice, I appreciated the details given to me concerning the problems I was having. The entire staff at one time or the other answered my questions and all were extremely patient and gave answers I could understand. I will recommend Wired to anyone who needs reliable help.

Everyone that I have had contact with there at Wired has been very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.


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